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Saegthong Supply Company Walehouse


Saenthong Supply Company Limited was established in 2008 and has grown to become one of the leading trading company and supplier of food products in Thaila. Over the past 10 years, Millennium PF has provided the satisfying happiness of truly delicious and authentic Thai tastes through a wide-ranging variety of the finest of Thai food products.

In order to satisfy our customers and consumers

we have provided not only the most delicious tasting flavors, but also dedicated ourselves to ensuring the products we export are of the very best quality in both the domestic Thailand and overseas markets.
For the overseas market, our products have already been accepted and enjoyed in more than 40 countries globally. We utilize our know-how from our long experience in supplying leading products in Thailand and combine it with our expertise in customizing tastes and flavors to adapt our products to meet the needs and preferences of consumers in the overseas markets.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

Saenthong Supply Company Limited is committed to conduct its business with integrity and transparency as well as compliance with laws and be under the good, suitable norms of local tradition and practices in corporate governance. The Company is opposed to all forms of bribery and corruption including not to relate with the bribery both direct and indirect for maintain in the competitive advantage of business. The Company intends to bring the effective compliance system to fight against bribery and corruption.


  1. This policy is to provide guidance for the Company, its employees concerning compliance with anti- bribery and corruption laws.
  2. To establish monitoring and auditing system to ensure compliance with this policy
  3. To support employees reports in case of finding bribery or corruption via secure communication channel.
  4. To promote good realization and integrity for reducing risk of corruption in organization.


The anti-bribery and corruption policy become effective with all board of directors, managements and staffs of Company. The Company expects all agents and other intermediaries associated with or acting on behalf of Millennium Pacific Food. to comply with this policy.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Directors have duties and responsibilities to oversee the anti-bribery and corruption policy and its system to ensure compliance with legal and ethical obligations.
  2. Board of directors are responsible for determining anti-bribery and corruption system, promoting, and encouraging anti-corruption manner conveyed to all their staff and related parties. This also includes reconsideration on system or regulation in order to best adjust with business changes, regulations, standards, and laws.
  3. Internal Audit from Millennium Pacific Food.(Thailand) Ltd. is responsible for auditing, and evaluations in business transactions whether they are accurate and complied with guidelines, regulations, approving authority, standards, laws, and policies of Company; including to assess efficiency and satisfaction of risk management on anti-bribery and corruption policy by practices in good governance.
  4. Risk management Team is responsible to analyze and giving opinion in Company’s activity whether being within the scope of bribery and corruption or not; Facilitation expense, Charitable Contribution, Donations and Aid Grants, Entertainment, Receiving & Giving Gifts, Sponsorship, or Political Contribution matter. After that all comment is proposed to Top Management
  5. All Employees is strictly responsible to understand and follow Company’s Policies and Regulations.
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