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Frozen Chicken

We are supplier of all Frozen Chicken Products (HALAL only).Well Dressed and cleaned,- With or without skin- No Blood,- No bad smell,- No feather- No Broken bones,- Dry, moisture less than 5%, 100% Fresh and FrozenPacking/Customer Preferred Labeling is Accepted:

Poly bag / carton box of 10 kg.Containing 10 eviscerated Chicken – Individual Warped Packed. ( external shrink pack).Range of the chickens: 800 – 2200 grams available


Processed Grade ”A” Frozen Chicken Feet & Paws
Quality: Grade A Average Weight of Feet : 40 -60 grams/piece
Average Length of Feet : 12 – 18 cm /pieceAverage Weight of Paws : 35 -60 grams/piece
Average Length of Paws : 10 – 15 cm /piece
Size: 35-65 gram


Appearance Requirement:Clean
No Feathers
No Bad Smell
No Blood
No Black Pad
No Bruise
No Chemical Burns
Broken Bones Less than 3%
Moisture Less than 1%
Chicken feet pad retained and without damage

Frozen Requirements

Blast Frozen at -40o C
Stocked at -18o CAvailable PartsWhole chicken Prime wings, Mid wings, chicken feet, chicken pawsLeg quarter (pic)

Breast fillet (pics)Joint wings

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